Chairman's Statement

Tavevo Water and Sewerage Company is a Company that is guided by core values of providing services to its people. We strive to achieve the satisfaction of everyone through better services by ensuring fair distribution of water resources because we recognize that water is a constitutional right to every citizen.

Over the years, Tavevo has undergone several stages of development and it continues to develop especially in the infrastructure of water and sewer systems in order to ensure efficiency and to meet the needs of all clients as it seeks to be the leading entity locally and regionally.

We know that every little effort counts, especially when magnified by the scale of our regional operations and workforce. Just as we know, to make a truly meaningful impact, sustainability efforts have to be continuous and long term. Here at Tavevo we are fully committed to responsible business and environmental stewardship.

The Board and Management will continue to work together to strengthen the Company’s internal controls and enterprise risk management, promote a culture of integrity and strive for highest ethical business standards.

As the Chairman of the board, I am committed to providing leadership and oversight to the amazing team at Tavevo, who have continued to work diligently and exhibited resilience in challenging times as well as all partners, shareholders and the Government for their continued support during the period.

Lastly, I thank my fellow Board members and urge them to work zealously in the best interest of the Company.
Thank you for being a part of the Tavevo family. You are special, and we value you.