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You will need a letter of no objection from Tavevo Water and Sewerage Company Limited to drill a borehole within Taita Taveta County. The same approval is required from the county Department of Water and Sanitation if you wish to drill in rural areas not covered by the county water services provider. This is according to Water Services regulations of 2021.

In the last one-month Tavevo has drilled three (3) private boreholes in Vindo, Voi Subcounty, Mariwenyi and Kandala (Bura) in Mwatate Subcounty. As a way to increase water coverage the county government in financial year 2022/2023 has also budgeted for seven (7) public boreholes across the county. (The numbers may be increased or reduce subject to supplementary budget.)

Tavevo Drilling rig is open for private use and the following is the procedure to acquire the drilling services;

1. The first step is to conduct a Hydrogeological survey conducted by a certified hydrogeologist.
2. The report together with Application form is then submitted to the company for consideration and raising of quotation (Non-Refundable fee of KES 1,000/-)
3. The client will then apply to Water Resources Authority for drilling permit and conduct an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Report and submit to NEMA for approval.
4. Once a report and permit are issued the client will make full payment of drilling services and Mobilization of equipment to the site should be paid to the company bank account (Drilling is charged at KES 2,650/- per meter based on maximum depth as recommended by the report and mobilization will be charged KES 35/- per kilometer)
5. The client must at this point purchase the casings, screens and gravel pack as recommended.
6. The client will then conduct a water test to confirm the quality of water
N/B 1: The company does not guarantee water quality or quantity.
N/B 2: Borehole water is strictly for client’s consumption or irrigation purposes and not for sale.

A good borehole with good yield will serve you for a minimum of 25 years.