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Complaints related to over billing will soon be a thing of the past as Tavevo has introduced a meter testing service to clients suspecting their meters accuracy. If the meter is found to be defective the bill is adjusted according to the difference detected.

We spoke to the Technical Manager Mr. Patrick Wadu who said that the new technology had increased confidence in the new meters acquired which were found to be accurate after several tests.

“It is unfair to charge clients more than they consume. Defective meters are not only affecting customers but also a loss to company if the reading is less than it should be,” Mr. Wadu revealed.

The new meters are fully made of plastic material. The old meter which was made of metal was an easy target to vandals who would sell them to scrap operators. A propeller inside has also reduced regular blockages incase soil found its way in to the pipe.

The old meter testing used containers to measure the amount of water passing through the meter to compare the reading with the actual amount collected in the container.

The process is now easier and more accurate (0.5 plus or minus margin of error). A standard meter within the machine measures the amount of water passed through it and compares the readings to that of the meter under test. Faulty meters are then replaced for free and the bill adjusted accordingly.

Any customer doubting their meter accuracy, can request for the test which is then conducted in the presence of the customer by our technical team.

This service is available to the public at a Ksh. 500 fee.