Since inception in 2006 Tavevo water & sewerage co. ltd has always had clear objectives, to supply safe, clean and reliable drinking water to the people of Taita-Taveta county. This task has not been easy, considering that the infrastructure is old thus prone to frequent breakdown. In some places  there isn’t any pipeline for water supply existed before.

However since the coming in of the county government a lot of improvement has been experience in terms of access to clean piped water. As the Water company for the Taita Taveta County Government, Tavevo water & sewerage co. ltd has had to Take over the management of community based water projects.

Good examples being the Mwasinenyi borehole, Eldoro water project , Kaloleni water project just but to mention a few, all which share the same story of success, which is efficient and reliable supply of water.

Going forward, Tavevo through its partners, government agencies and Taita Taveta County Government will continually develop a reliable water infrastructure and take over most if not all community based water projects for efficient management so as to benefit the people its intended.

We shall also work with the communities to conserve our environment and protect water catchment area

For our partners and other stakeholders I reiterate our commitment to ethical and professional conduct as we go about fulfilling our mandate, and that we will leave every group satisfied.

Warm regards

Ag. David Ngumbao

Managing Director – Tavevo Water & Sewerage Co. Ltd.